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Apr 4, 2019 • bug_hunting,bug_writeup,openbugbounty SSRF Bug Writeup


i. Introduction

DownNotifier has an open bug bounty progam hosted on

DownNotifie is a service which periodically scans your websites and notifies you if your website has gone down.

Due to the nature of the website and the service it provides, I thought about some application logic bugs which might work,

So in mind came SSRF.

ii. SSRF Explanation

SSRF, sometimes prounced Surf, stands for Server Side Request Forgery.

Essentially, with SSRF you are able to send requests originating from the web-server, in which you can leverage to read local files, or even enumerate services on the local system.

Within SSRF, exists a subattack you can perform which is known as XSPA (Cross Site Port Attack)

With XSPA, you can use server output (which was easier for us in this case), or server response times to fingerprint if local services are running on the server such as ftp, mysql, redis

iii. Exploiting XSPA to Enumerate Local Services

When browsing to downnotifier we are greeted with:


Trying usual loopback addresses like localhost and does not seem to work too well:


Also trying to grab files using file:// turned out as expected:


I tried some more payloads I found from PayloadAllThings SSRF payload page and found that seemed to be accepted.

Though, even if it bypassed the filter, will it still work?

To see if it would, I added some common ports.

30 seconds later, we can see that we indeed did get an SSRF and were able to enumerate local services.


ftp and http are running.

iv. Conclusion

I reported the bug to DownNotifier and within 24 hour hours there was a response & a patch.



I would like to thank DownNotifier for the acknowledgement and the quick patch.

Thank you for reading,

  • mqt
Sources: Side Request Forgery